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First of all, 96% of survey participants use social media marketing, and 92% of people agree or strongly agree phrase "social media marketing is very important to my business." Remember, more than 300,000 participants optional pool and therefore it may be higher than people who do not respond are more interested in social media marketing.

The importance of social media to survey participants
Almost all of the respondents use social media, and that this is for their business or company is important.
Facebook dominate small business social media marketing

The majority of respondents in social media marketing on Facebook. The chart below shows, 93% of people use Facebook, Twitter ahead at 79%. In the coming year, 62 percent of respondents plan to increase their use of Facebook marketing purposes. Sixty-six percent of the increase in activity Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are.

Use of the respondents platform
Ninety-three percent of respondents expressed using the Facebook social media marketing.
Twitter is available on Facebook, however, its new advertising opportunities, would be an interesting look at nature, time in the next year. This is roughly the same story of Instagram and Pinterest, and both doubled its flow 2014 年 至二 ○-2015.

YouTube on more common large enterprises. Specifically, 71% of companies have more than 100 employees to use YouTube as compared to 38% of the self-employed.

B2B small businesses use social Unlike B2C

Breaking social media marketing industry report averages are useful. B2B respondents to the survey reported that, LinkedIn is their number one choice of social networks.

B2B respondents use internet
Those in the B2B space for LinkedIn will most attention, but the use of Facebook and Twitter also with considerable speed.
B2C business, but on the other hand, to the first and larger numbers of Facebook. This makes sense, because companies are looking for B2B marketing staff, equipment managers, buyers and others who depend on LinkedIn's industry connections and news. Facebook by almost every consumer on the planet.

B2B marketers seventy-one percent want to learn more about this year LinkedIn. That is to say, B2B marketers are using only 18% of LinkedIn ads. These same marketers use Facebook advertising to 75 percent growth rate.


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