Shiba Inu is a medium body and very old dogs with sensitive senses, known as the "superior hunting hunting dog" is very common in Japan, is also popular. In fact, this cute dog also has many unexpected Fa "nirvana", will make you surprise. Previously, Shiba Inu often subtly through trees and foliage clump help the owner to hunt, until now, these little guys did not put this skill to put down. Meng's just stupid when they also often passes through walls or vegetation clump themselves stuck. International newspaper group reported

Not long ago, the Internet rumors of a cute Shiba Inu trapped hedge photo, despite deep embarrassing territory, but it seems very relaxed, seemingly for this new style was very satisfied, but also to pedestrians tongue, cute explosion Table.
Users click video cited concern
Shiba Inu now also learned a new skill - when the waiter! Tokyo, Japan, there is a "Suzuki cigarette shop" shop male Shiba Inu "small wood" (six) forte is the "main fact people Kandian", its associated video also spread on the network, users have attracted Click to watch.
In addition to selling Meng sell commodities, "small wood" local fire department should be invited to participate in the local fire prevention activities. It is worn by fire department staff handmade Kandian yellow T-shirt, walking, above 瞂 also wrote: "CAUTION! Fire, bark."
Become a television news anchor, but a lot of people dream of, but there is a lovely Super Meng Shiba Inu virtue only will it look easy. In a related video, only dogs called "Inuyama firewood M" is gravely wear suits and tie, sitting in the studio and became a "news anchor."
Wear a suit when "silent" anchor
Only "anchor" the whole, although not a word, but sometimes yawning, sometimes "show legs", sometimes lying asleep on stage appearance anchor Meng turned a large audience. Netizens have left comments, ridicule, said, "This news program not a day I look tired", "anchor too evil, people move without opening the eyes." After the users have to read like a good dog Moe state.

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